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What A Glorious Day It Would Be

Posted on: February 7, 2011 8:41 pm

Recently, a rumor broke that Andy Reid would be stepping down as Head Coach and one, Jon Gruden, would be named the new coach of our beloved franchise. Now this is preposterous to think that would happen now but I have been saying in discussions with friends about Reid being fired, that Gruden would be a perfect match and that I think he is holding out specifically for this job. Hear me out. I know there's no proof, but when the Eagles signed Vick, I said he'd be starting in two years unless “5” won a Super Bowl. He didn’t and Vick was starting this year and now he is going to get franchised. Gruden was offensive coordinator here for 3 years under Ray Rhodes. He has ties to the city. He coached in the same division Vick played in for several years so he has some familiarity with Vick. When you listen to him call an Eagles game on MNF you hear in his voice how excited he gets when talking about the Eagle franchise and the current playmakers we have on the roster. Gruden would be a perfect fit. He is the polar opposite of Andy. Oh, and Gruden has something Reid doesn’t, a Super Bowl ring. Gruden is exactly what this city wants and needs. He's a fiery entity who tells it how it is. He doesn’t sugar coat or cover up things in the organization, he calls it how he sees it. I think he has the exact character that many Philadelphians are made out of. I think Reid is a phenomenal coach, I really do, but I think that he’s taken this team as far as he can, and for us fans that’s not far enough. His time has come and ownership is slowly starting to realize that as well. A change needs to be made and like I said in my last post we want the sexy hire. I'm willing to go all in on saying Jon Gruden will be Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.

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